Equipment Needed

I & O Recording Pad

Weighing an Ambulatory Resident (step 13 added)

  1. Introduce self to resident.
  2. Identify that hands should be washed.
  3. Explain procedure to resident.
  4. Check balance of scale and balance or zeros scale if necessary before resident steps on scale. (A digital scale is not allowed).
  5. Insure resident's safety. Lock wheelchair brakes.
  6. Assist resident to stand and walk them to the scale.
  7. Assist resident to step on scale.      
  8. Check that resident is balanced and centered on scale with arms at side and verbalize that the resident is not holding on to anything that would alter reading of the weight.
  9. Appropriately adjusts weights until scale is in balance or observes analog scale.
  10. Read weight.
  11. Return resident to wheelchair and assist to sitting position.
  12. Record weight on signed recording sheet provided.
  13. Record reading in the correct locartion on the signed recording sheet.
  14. Candidate's recorded weight varies no more than 2 lb. from RN Test Observer’s reading.
  15. Maintain respectful, courteous interpersonal interactions at all times.
  16. Leave call light or signaling device within easy reach of the resident.
  17. Identify that hands should be washed.

Skills key can be found on the D & S Video title page.