Equipment Needed

Sheath or alcohol wipe
Clock with second hand
Recording Pad

Vital Signs -Temperature, Pulse and Respiration for 60 seconds (step 13 added)

  1. Introduce self to resident.
  2. Identify that hands should be washed.
  3. Explain procedure to resident. 
  4. Provide for resident’s privacy by pulling privacy curtain.
  5. Correctly turn on digital oral thermometer.
  6. Gently insert bulb end of thermometer in mouth under tongue.
  7. Hold thermometer in place for appropriate length of time.
  8. Remove thermometer. Read and record the temperature on signed recording sheet. (Complete one task at a time and record in-between temperature, pulse and respirations)
  9. Candidate's recorded temperature varies no more than .1 degree from RN Test Observer’s.
  10. Wipe thermometer clean with alcohol pad or discard sheath.
  11. Locate the radial pulse by placing tips of fingers on thumb side of the resident’s wrist.
  12. Count pulse for 60 seconds and record on signed recording sheet.
  13. Record all readings in the correct location on the signed recording sheet.
  14. Candidate's recorded pulse rate is within 4 beats of RN Test Observer’s recorded rate.
  15. Counts respiration for 60 seconds and record results on signed recording sheet.
  16. Candidate's recorded respiratory rate is within 2 breaths of the RN Test Observer’s recorded rate.
  17. Maintain respectful, courteous interpersonal interactions at all times.
  18. Open privacy curtain.
  19. Leave call light within easy reach of the resident.
  20. Identify that hands should be washed.

Skills key can be found on the D & S Video title page.