Equipment Needed

4 Pillows or Positioning Devices including head pillow

Position Resident on Side

  1. Introduce self to the resident.
  2. Identify that hands should be washed.
  3. Explain procedure to resident.
  4. Provide for resident's privacy by pulling privacy curtain.
  5. Position bed flat.
  6. Raise bed between mid-thigh and waist level.
  7. Raise side rail on opposite side of the bed to provide for safety.
  8. Move resident's head, upper  body,  hips  and  legs  toward self  to  provide  room  on  the  bed  that  will  be  used  to safely turn the resident on their side.
  9. Assist/turn resident on side and insure that the resident's face never becomes obstructed by the pillow. (Physically check and verbalize checking) 
  10. Check to be sure resident is not lying on his/her down side arm.
  11. Protect bony prominences, under head (must physically check), upside arm, behind back, and between knees by placing support devices such as pillows, wedges, blankets, etc.,
  12. Lower bed.
  13. Lower side rail.
  14. Maintain correct body alignment (Must verbalize and physically check body alignment).
  15. Leave resident in a position of safety and comfort.
  16. Maintain respectful, courteous interpersonal interactions at all times.
  17. Open privacy curtain.
  18. Leave call light within easy reach of the resident.  
  19. Identify that hands should be washed.

 Skills key can be found on the D & S Video title page.