Equipment Needed

Bath Blanket
Waterproof Pad
At least 4 Washcloths

Perineal Care for a Female

  1. Introduce self to resident.
  2. Identify that hands should be washed.
  3. Explain procedure to the resident, (manikin).
  4. Provide for resident's privacy by pulling privacy curtain
  5. Raise side rail opposite working side of bed.
  6. Fill basin with comfortably warm water.
  7. Raise the bed between mid-thigh and waist level.
  8. Place bath blanket on resident/manikin.
  9. Put on gloves
  10. Turn resident to side and place waterproof pad under residents' buttocks then return resident to their back or raises hips and place waterproof pad under buttocks.
  11. Expose perineum only.
  12. Verbalize separating labia.
  13. Using water and soapy washcloth, clean both sides and middle of labia from top to bottom using a clean portion of a washcloth with each stroke.
  14. Rinse and pat dry both sides and middle from top to bottom with a clean portion of the washcloth with each stroke.
  15. Cover the exposed area with the bath blanket.
  16.  Assist resident (manikin) to turn onto side away from the Candidate.
  17. With a new washcloth, clean the rectal area.
  18. Using water, washcloth and soap cleans area from vagina to rectal area using a clean portion of a washcloth with each single stroke.
  19. Rinse and pat dry area from vagina to rectal area.
  20. Remove waterproof pad from under buttocks by turning resident side to side to remove pad without friction.
  21. Position resident (manikin) on her back.
  22. Dispose of soiled linen and bath blanket in an appropriate container.
  23. Empty, rinse and dry equipment and returns to storage.
  24. Turn gloves inside out as they are removed. Disposes of gloves in the appropriate container
  25. Lower bed
  26. Lower side rail
  27. Open privacy curtain.
  28. Leave call light or signaling device within reach of resident.
  29. Identify that hands should be washed.

Skills key can be found on the D & S Video title page.