Equipment Needed

Fitted Sheet
Flat Sheet

Making an Occupied Bed

  1. Introduce self to resident.
  2. Identify that hands should be washed.
  3. Gather linen and transports correctly.
  4. Place clean linen on top of bedside stand, on over-bed table, over back of chair or drape over foot of bed.
  5. Explain procedure to resident.
  6. Provide for resident's privacy by pulling privacy curtain.
  7. Raise side rail opposite working side of the bed.
  8. Raise the bed between mid-thigh and waist level.
  9. Resident is to remain covered at all times.
  10. Assist resident to roll onto side toward raised side rail. Side rail remains up on side opposite candidate at all times during the task.
  11. Roll or fan fold soiled linen, soiled side inside, to the center of the bed.
  12. Place clean bottom sheet along the center of the bed and roll or fan fold linen against resident's back and unfold remaining half. 
  13. Secure two fitted corners, of the clean bottom sheet.              
  14. Raise second side rail opposite working side of the bed and assist the resident to roll over the bottom linen, preventing trauma and avoid pain to resident.
  15. Remove soiled linen without shaking, and place in hamper. 
  16. Avoid touching linen to uniform.
  17. Pull through and smooth out the clean bottom linen.
  18. Secure other two fitted corners.
  19. Place clean top linen and blanket or bedspread over covered resident.  Remove used linen making sure the resident is unexposed at all times.
  20. Tuck in top linen and blanket or bedspread at foot of the bed.
  21. Make mitered corners at the foot of the bed.
  22. Apply clean pillowcase, with zippers and/or tags to inside.
  23. Gently lift resident's head when replacing the pillow.
  24. Lower bed.
  25. Return side rails to lowered position.
  26. Maintain respectful, courteous interpersonal interactions at all times.
  27. Opens privacy curtain and leaves call light or signaling device within easy reach of the resident.
  28. Identify that hands should be washed.

Skills key can be found on the D & S Video title page.