Abdominal Thrust on Conscious Resident

  1. Asks actor, "Are you Choking?"
  2. Identifies two symptoms/signs of choking. (_____,____).
  3. Brings actor to a standing position.
  4. Call for help.
  5. Stand behind resident.
  6. Wrap arms around resident above the waist.
  7. Make a fist with one hand.
  8. Place the thumb side of the fist against resident's adbomen.
  9. Position fist slightly above navel and below bottom of sternum.
  10. Grasp fist with other hand.
  11. Verbalize only  "press fist and hand into resident's adbomen with an inward, upward thrust."
  12. Verbalize thrust at least three times.
  13. Stops, asks resident, "Are you still choking?"  Actor will say, “No.” (Tester will ask, what would you have done if the resident would have indicated that they were still choking).
  14. State, “I would repeat this procedure until it is successful or the resident lost consciousness."
  15. At which point, I would place the resident in recovery position on lateral side in bed.(for testing purpose only). (Must be physically performed)

Skills key can be found on the D & S Video title page.